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Key words:
  Established in 1988,ningxia wuzhong jingyi fur-products co.,ltd is one of the competitive fur-export enterpeises,which specializes in processing tibet lamb skin products.it is also one of the ten biggest enterprises which provide muslim products in wuzhong.the capacity of its annual production is up to 1000,000pcs.in 2003,our company was entitled to the import and export right by the ministry of commerce of ningxia hui autonomous region.the company,whose legal representative is mr.ma shaohu,has a registration fund of 18,000,000 rmb.in the year of 2006,the company registered"精熠"trademark with independent intellectual property rights.
  Our company is located in the central part of ningxia hui autonomous region—wuzhong.wuzhong is also the center of tibet lambskins—one of the“three treasures”in ningxia.the fertile soil and abundant grass offer an unique growing circumstance for tibetan lambs,which are famous all over the world.due to its excellent geographical condition,wuzhong is resourceful in tibetan lamb raw materials and can supply a large amount of tibet lamb skin products.
  Our company has adopted advanced technology to go with the new trend in fur industry.the main products of our company are as follows:tibet lamb skin plates;kalgan lamb skin plates;all kinds of garments;interior decorative products;bedspreads,etc.totally four series,more than one hundred kinds of products.the annual production of our company is up to 250,000 pcs.in 2006 our company gained the quality gurantee system certificate《gb/t19001-2000idt iso 9001:2000》.in 2007,our company was awarded as one of the ten biggest enterprises which provide muslim products in wuzhong.,our company gain the most honest company by government.the company's products became the designated item on display of ningxia during shanghai expo and won a golden prize at the national agricultural products industry expo 2012.at the same year,the company was honored as"the model enterprise of integrity in ningxia"and was recorded in the book"muslim entrepreneurs of ningxia".the technology in the project of supporting small&medium enterprise in innovating.in 2013,"the technical innovation for tanning and dyeing south-west goat leather"was approved by the experts and was awarded the certificate.at the same year,the company was awarded"the prize for the most popular muslim products in china".and the compang was awarded"aa+grade credible enterprise"by ningxia bank.our products have enjoyed great popularity in both domestic and international market.furthermore,the products become a quick seller in america,denmark,germany,poland,belgium,switherland,russia,hong kong,turkey.etc.our products are of good quality.the fur is soft and bright colored.and the products which are made of those furs are delicate,light and convenient.welcome to visit our website www.nxjyqp.cn and buy our products.we show our great sincerity to establish business relationship with all business friends,and we believe we will get a beneficial and favorable accomplishments through our joint efforts.
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