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  • 关于公司生产区、储存等区域的土壤监测 结果的公示


    为贯彻《土壤污染防治行动计划》、《自治区土壤污染防治工作实施方案》和《吴忠市土壤污染防治工作实施方案》文件精神及要求,我公司委托吴忠市科信环境监测有限公司于2018年4月3日组织专业技术人员对我公司生产区、储存区、晾晒区、办公生活区、污水管网处进行土壤采样并进行PH、镉、汞、砷、铜、铅、锌,镍含量数据分析,合格率均为100%(详见土壤检测报告)。 特此公示                     

  • Raw material classification skin how?


    Without any chemical method processing of the skin, which hides in the tanning process previously referred to as raw hide, into said raw material skin.Second, the fresh skin (wet skin)   Driven obj

  • Take a common skin period


    Due to feed the fatty acid imbalance, a lot of fat can't effective use, resulting in part of the fatty acid through the pore penetration to the surface of the skin. Mainly through the supplementary

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