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Our Company Is Made Ningxia Fur &Leather Association President Company

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Wuzhong Jingyi Fur Products Co.,Ltd Is Made President Company 
Mr.Ma Shaohu,President of The Company ,Is Elected To Be the First President of Ningxia Fur &Leather Association 
  Ningxia Fur &Leather Association is established with the support from Textile Industry Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Bureau of Civil Affairs of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
  The establishment of Ningxia Fur &Leather Association together with the first conference for the members is held in Yinchuan, Ningxia on 26th November 2013.
  At the conference, Regulations of Ningxia Fur & Leather Association is approved;Regulations of Financial Management is approved;Regulations of Using the Fund is approved.Meanwhile, president of the association,vice president of the association and secretary general of the association are elected at the first conference for the members.Mr.Ma Shaohu, president of the company, is elected to be the first president of Ningxia Fur&Leather Association.Therefore,the company is made the president company of the association and ten people from the company are given the membership.
  Mr.Ma Shaohu makes a speech at the conference,which states that the establishment of the association is a milestone of the fur and leather industry of Ningxia and the association will function as a bridge between the enterprises and the government to serve the enterprises and the industry, help the members coordinate with each other, protect members’ lawful rights and interests and accelerate a fast and healthy development of fur and leather industry in Ningxia.

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