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Influence and improve the quality of fur hides quality factor analysis

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  (a) kind of beast quality on the influence on the quality of fur
  Artificial breeding fur animal hides quality first depends on the quality of the animals, and fur quality is directly related to the quality of the kind of beast, mainly lie in the following aspects.
  1. Color: require this breed or type of typical natural color and luster, artificial cultivation of new color pattern for new and beautiful.
  2. Hair: qualitative namely hair is quality of a material, is by the needle, pile length, density, degree of fineness character of comprehensive decision. Artificial cultivation of fur animal whether heavy hair thin skin, xiaomao fine leather are all required down to short level direction breeding, needle nap length ratio is appropriate, back FuMao length ratio to the agreement (especially mink strict); Needle, downy density shall be to the direction of the high breeding, MAO roughness appropriate to fine and the direction of the straight breeding.
  3. Fur piece of painting: the painting is a fur according to the standard and the plant after the long leather size to measure. Decided to hide the size of the size of the factors is skin beast body length and fresh skin elongation. Body length and fresh skin elongation is larger, the higher its hide size also. So kind of animal breeding appropriate to the big size and loose type physical direction breeding. In order to display and mining to improve quality of animal fur quality function and potential, they should take the lead in raising fur quality kind of beast, can be used to introduce breeding and improved the original fur poorer quality of the population to improve the quality of fur.
  (2) the geographical position of the influence on the quality of fur
  Precious fur animal mink, fox and raccoon are seasonal molt animals. The sunshine around the obvious change a lot of dependence. This is the wild distribution long confined to the result of high latitudes. Therefore, the high latitudes its fur quality also is good. Under the condition of artificial breeding is no exception, the farther north area and the fur quality good. Artificial cultivation fur animals must be in appropriate geographic latitude inside, namely latitude 30 degrees north area. In the appropriate geographic area, also should choose in feed condition good areas concentrated breeding, production quality consistent high quality fur.
  (3) local breeding environment on the influence on the quality of fur
  Local breeding environment refers to artificial provide booth, cage box, sites and other microclimate condition. A booth, cage box conditions than skin beast without booth, cage box condition fur quality to good; Dark environment bred beast skin more bright environment fur quality; A humid environment is dry and wet conditions fur quality.
  (4) raising management to the influence on the quality of fur
  Breeding management to the influence on the quality of fur, mainly reflected in feed and nutrition, winter hair growth period skin animal disease prevention and control and management three aspects.
  1. Feed and nutrition: fur animal genetic inherent in the fine fur quality some character is genetically determined, but these excellent characters must be acquired in the growth and development, through the science of feed formulation and balanced nutrition supply, can very good performance and play out. Wool is growth depends on the animal protein, so feed nutrition should guarantee the protein especially skin beast winter hair growth period protein needs. Wool is protein contains sulfur amino acid is more, winter hair growth period additional sulfur amino acid to improve fur quality good.
  2. Winter hair growth period skin beast management: mainly is to create to winter hair growth environment conditions, and enhance our short day stimulation, reduce fluffy blemishes, in case of replacement of hair not beautiful or wool entanglement, should be early living combing processing.
  3. Disease prevention and treatment: beneath the skin disease animal health and growth. Indirect influence the quality of the fur, Some disease also will directly cause the skin, wool was damage and reduce fur quality. To strengthen the prevention and control of diseases, especially metabolic disease and the prevention and control of parasitic diseases, but also improve the quality of the fur of the important measures.
  (5) processing quality to the influence on the quality of fur
  Fur pretreating and deep processing of the quality also has a great influence. The pretreating special should pay attention to the following problems: 
  1. The fur mature identification and timely take skin: should be accurate to skin beast individual wool mature appraisal, mature a take a, mature a batch of take a batch. Especially preparetions melatonin skin more attention should be paid to the beast. Early take skin make easily hide level is reduced, too late take skin will influence the fluffy agile and luster.
  2. Open fork to is: otherwise affect skin type specification, also reduce hide size.
  3. Oil scraper to net: especially the neck to scrape, otherwise affect hide elongation or dry up after the collapse of the neck defects.
  4. Automatic: the automatic to use standard, XuanBan are and regulate commodity skin type. 
  5. Dry, dry temperature and humidity for the best blow dry, if use heat drying, temperature and humidity are not high, otherwise boring plate and wool, will seriously reduce the quality of the hide. 
  6. The correct sorting and packing: dry good hide under the timely planting, wash skin, sorting and packing. Wash skin not only remove the wool dust dirt, and significantly increased the degree of beautiful. Finish packing don't fold and shoved, keep hide a stretch form, do not use the soft bag kind of packing.

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