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  1. The sebum bleeding
  Due to feed the fatty acid imbalance, a lot of fat can't effective use, resulting in part of the fatty acid through the pore penetration to the surface of the skin. Mainly through the supplementary essential amino acid (such as peanut oil, peanut cake, sunflower oil, soybean oil, such as the raw materials must be fatty acid content rich) to gradually improve. At the same time, positive group of attention to use large amounts of VE, choline chloride and of a particular eye protect liver agent for prevention (using 7 days can see the symptom is reduced, at least to use half).
  2. Be hair tangles
  Because hair terrier land quality is bad, lead to guard hair to hardness is not enough, MAO's outermost sheath film caused by incomplete coat entanglement, this kind of situation, mainly through the long time add trace mineral and amino acid composition, can prevent the use of a particular group of hair conditioner for prevention (using 7 days or so can obviously see the effect, we should continue to use more than 15 days).
  3. Wool
  Also called shedding, off needle, points wool, "black POTS", "ash bottom velvet" and so on. Is mainly due to the feed nutrition unbalanced or feed in the lack of a variety of nutrition composition of the cause, in the production, continuous use of a particular Beijing fur light more than seven days, has the good effect.
  4. Lu hair
  For the performance of the fur animal use claw constantly catch, lu body some parts of the hair. The main reason is caused by inflammation of the skin itch and parasites stimulus cause itching. Treatment: if it is caused by inflammation of the skin itch, can through the complement vitamin B complex to quality, the effect is good. If it is due to the parasite stimulus cause itching, according to the method of treatment of parasitic diseases treatment.

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