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Raw material classification skin how?

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  A, raw hide
  Without any chemical method processing of the skin, which hides in the tanning process previously referred to as raw hide, into said raw material skin.
  Second, the fresh skin (wet skin)
  Driven object stripped down without drying the skin treatments.
  Three, dry skin (dry plate)
  Fresh skin directly dry skin.
  Four, pedal
  Not including fluffy hide.
  Five, flake skin
  Peeling from monkey, chest, abdomen line cut off a piece into the state of the skin.
  Six, tubular skin
  Peeling skin like hose type cylinder.
  Seven, frozen plate
  With frozen ways to keep fresh skin.
  Eight, salt plate (salt wet skin)
  The salt treatment not dry skin.
  Nine, salt dry plate (salt dry skin)
  Fresh skin after salt treatment dry skin.

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