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Buy fur "have to know a little fur"

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  The choose and buy mink fur, should first learn how to judge the sable is domestic or imported mink. There is no lack of some merchants on the market at present in China, the sable pretend to be imported mink, sell high. Relative domestic mink, the United States, Denmark and other domestic mink in general to your three to forty percent, or even higher. Generally speaking, domestic mink is relatively hard, softness is slightly inferior to import mink. Import the sable is relatively smooth, shiny luster, and domestic mink feel compared to send acerbity.
  The customer also will judgment is female or male sable hair sable hair. General female mink fur is soft, thick, sable hair stand is neat, and male mink fur is relatively coarse some, the length is differ, feel is also a bit acerbity.
  In addition, mink fur if it is inverse hair, easy to reflective, can appear more luster feeling, the hair gloss is partial dark some.
  Due to the mink fur clothing prices higher, sales update speed is not fast, this has caused a lot of inventory. Consumer is buying mink fur, can use the nose to smell "old". Generally speaking, good mink in wash skin and dry, will join chemical softening agent, this will let the mink fur produce fragrance, taste will last for months, and no fragrance may be inventory. If a smell of peculiar smell, it is may be not fine processing, the mink coat save time will be at a discount.
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