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  A, the whole skin problem: now there are a lot of customers to make the whole skin as a rabbit or a fox, the world is still not so one can only make a dress rabbit or fox oh:) here to explain, the skin is to use large chunks of made of fur, the whole clothes hair look quite flat, more luster, joining together is not very obvious, relatively wool is less.
  Second, spelling skin problem: spell skin is to use small piece of fur up, look have administrative levels feeling, also is more active, the relative to the skin, it will be a little more hair off. Spell leather common problem is more, such as splicing obvious, small pieces of hair, splicing mouth didn't sew such problem, can through the needle sewing several needle is ok.
  Three, wool problem: about wool is very normal, if not to drop hair that is not normal, the real animal fur began to all wool and human hair, this is normal biological characteristics. General just production out of the PI cao will have production process wafted the broken hair blending inside, each fur splicing up the edge of the hair, hair thick is relative, hair light is relatively less, will fall off naturally. After receipt of the goods, the force of jitter, flap to help be pressure to qualitative, floating hair can be normal use a few days off do. Some MM must think why shopping mall to buy, it will not be so off cloth? First of all stores have enough ventilation space suspension, and every day there are certain passenger flow, there are a lot of customers try to try to, originally with the broken hair will get didn't.
  Four, maintenance problem: have a PI cao is numerous fashion women's dream, and in environmental awareness rising today, the number of PI cao decrement is increasingly valuable. So if you have words, more need to be careful to maintain, if appropriate, to maintain a can put on ten years, also very has its value.
  1, prevent hot and humid PI cao's enemy is the sunlight and moisture. So in place PI cao, avoid direct sunlight, heat and damp places. Best can keep the room temperature at 15 degrees, and placed moistureproof tube.
  2, hang it had. Application of shoulder pad hangers to hang PI cao, don't use wire hangers, lest PI cao damage or deformation.
  3, good breath. People want to breathe, PI cao also is same. In the storage PI cao, make sure breathable degree is high, don't use plastic bags, when the need can use wide cloth bag dust, the PI cao separated.
  4, avoid chemicals is worn, try not to use perfume or hair spray, because these products contain alcohol chemical ingredients, can make the PI cao dry.
  5, it is strictly prohibited to refit don't to try to DIY. In the fur on the nail joint any decorations, otherwise it's very easy to wear fur hook.
  6, accident treatment. If you get wet fur, don't intent blow-dry, because PI cao can't meet hot, just put the wet of PI cao hanging in dry place, let it dry naturally is ok.

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