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Fox fur quality appraisal

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  Fox fur is heavy hair fine leather, with hair long wool thick, agile smooth, guard hair with multicolor section, a picture, skin thin etc. Suitable for the production of long and short leather drum (do one long fox coat needs 8 ~ 12 pieces, jacket need 4 ~ 6 a), fur collar, the collar with head, cap and string knife, add welt women turn wear coat, etc, the products keep warm light, rich and beautiful, export and consumption by the consumer favorite.
  Many factors affect the quality of the fur, the region climate environment, species, breeding management, take skin season on the fur quality influences. In the same breeding management conditions, different region fox fur quality have significant difference. Our country's northeast and northwest areas of the red fox skin is better than other areas. Central and southern China produce red fox skin, zhang picture small, plush weaknesses, color red micro, especially in the acquisition of silver black fox, arctic fox and other color on the fox is more obvious. 32 ° north latitude area south of the development and not suitable for
  (a) different production season fox fur quality characteristics
  1, spring skin early spring fur long show soft and slightly curved, the luster is poorer, bottom wool have bonding phenomenon, pedal micro show red. Late spring skin guard hair as dry as a chip, chrysanthemum belt hook, bottom velvet sparse, bonding is serious.
  2, Shapiro guard hair long, thin and rough (feel with sand sex), luster difference, the few. Pedal hair hard and fragile, no oily.
  3, autumn skin early autumn skin coarse guard hair short, color is dark, the luster is weak, the short thin, tail is very fine, pedal is greenish yellow. Late autumn skin plush stub, the luster is weaker, back and neck short plush empty, hip pedal is pewter.
  4, winter skin guard hair long and dense, gloss oil, the rich and agile, chrysanthemum level, tail hair bulky, pedal BoRen, oily, show white.
  (2) the fox skin identification
  1, instrument measurement, hair length, fineness. Density, skin thickness, elongation, burst strength, tear strength, etc., may through the instrument identification.
  2, sensory evaluation, is divided into: see, touch, smell, blow four.
  See: look at the origin of the fur, take skin season, hair color wool disability and defect, etc.
  Touch: touch, pulling touch twist, understand fur pedal mass is strong enough, and thin and fluffy degree of the density of soft degree.
  Blow: check plush dispersion or recovery degree and down growth situation and colour and lustre.
  Smell: fox skin improper storage, appear to rot, there is a rotten smell.

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