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How to distinguish between mink texture

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  A, the formula: raccoon and silver fox 100 only day: corn (best puffed corn) 10 jins, soybean 3 jin (best puffed soybean), sea trash fish and jin (or 3 jin quality fish meal), wheat bran 1.5 jins, salt 25 grams, in a special probiotic fifty gram, 1% special blends material 100 grams, biological acidulant and grams, envelope VC5 grams, vegetables 6 jins. Mink 100 only every day, ingredient: sea trash fish 15 jin (or 3.2 jin quality fish meal), puffed corn 7.5 jins, chicken (duck) frame eight jins, chicken (duck) liver (chicken intestine can also) 6 jins, small wheat bran 1 catty, salt and g, vegetables 3 jins, raise 1% in breeding special additive 100 grams, in a special probiotic fifty grams, biological acidulant and grams, envelope VC5 grams. The fox (blue fox and snow fox) 100 a day: puffed corn 15 jins, bulking soybean 4 jins, wheat bran 2 jins, chicken (duck) frame and jin, the sea trash fish 24 jins, salt fifty gram, vegetables 6 jins, 1% blends breeding material 100 grams, in a special raw meat fifty grams, biological acidulant 30 grams, envelope VC5 grams. Second, note: 1, the fresh material feeding amount according to the weight, 15% of the reduced; 2, due to feed raw materials and matching, and we had to use formula changed, plus fur animals sense of smell and taste is very developed, therefore, in the change of feed, must have at least more than seven days transition; 3, strictly control the quality of all kinds of raw materials. Fresh raw materials, should pay attention to choose clean the impurities, prevent the poisonous and harmful ingredients into; 4, in order to prevent pathogens into * infection and feed the harmful substances into, and fresh raw materials metamorphism, fresh raw material with best practice; 5, corn, soybean had better use bulking, 6, vegetables, cabbage, radish, carrot, beet, spinach, etc. Can be boiled, eight mature 7, according to all kinds of raccoon lean, increase or decrease the number of corn, chicken intestines and wheat bran, vegetable consumption, the body condition to achieve optimal; And, usually, in strict accordance with the formula should be carried out, don't change any data; 9, the formula of the use of time: from now has been points nest after half a month (in the middle of April to b); And every day, 2 -- 3 meal; 11, this formula, may not be suitable for our farms, in use, should pay attention to observe the effect of use, waste the color, shape, smell, appetite, growing, hair color, if not ideal, please timely and contact, to adjust.

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