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  PI cao is nature gives us the most perfect and costly raw material, its the biggest attraction is through the years. Learn to attentively to protect PI cao, can a long beauty.
  1. Keep clean. Wear leather clothing when you try to keep clean, if the clothes is stained with dust and dirt, timely sweep. 2. Avoid rainy day. For the sake of your fur coat health, rain or snow days you very reluctantly give up what one favours, let it stay in the wardrobe it. 3. Avoid backpack. When worn clothing to avoid backpack, if must back, the bag also cannot too heavy, lest package band and fur friction and damage. 4. Be careful combing. No matter whether fur messy, please don't use a finger or ordinary comb to comb the hair pin PI cao, it may cause a lot of wool. Be sure to use special brush PI cao carding. 5. Avoid chemicals. If you want to use perfume or hair spray, be sure to avoid leather clothing, because these products together have alcohol, easy to make fur hair dry harden. 6. It is strictly prohibited to refit. Don't try to DIY, in furs on nail joint any decorations, including brooch, because you are likely to PI cao a hook. 7. Dust dust. Every time after wearing leather, can beat jitter removes dust, and then put into the dust coat sleeve. 8. To avoid light suspension. Don't suggest that you always wears the same piece of leather, because they need a rest period to restore cortical suppleness. Usually at home hung preservation, to avoid hanging in too bright place, because the light will make the PI cao oxidation or discoloration. 9. In addition to the dust ash, you can also use twist dry hot towel to wipe the already dressed in a period of PI cao, wipe direction must be the fur direction, rub-up air suspension, then use rattan pat gently pat, make it to mop up.

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