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Raw material skin cooked skin classification

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  1, fur
  Hide wool after shock system processing, make the skin become soft and durable, fulfills the system fur products with hair raw material skin.
  2, velvet skin
  With only down or fluffy raw material leather, such as goose down skin, beaver rabbit skin, etc.
  3, coarse skin
  Those hair thicker, and the system fur value lower raw material skin.
  4, fine leather
  Those fine wool, system fur value higher raw material skin.
  5, hair is
  Plutarch refers to all the growth of plush layer lining, including cirri, peak wool, guard hair and fluff.
  6, down
  Refers to the hair is the most fine hair, for curves.
  7, guard hair (the hair)
  Refers to the ratio down heavy and long, elastic, cover in villi on hair.
  8, peak hair (directional hair)
  Refers to the most coarse, the longest and most direct, the most elastic a kind of hair.
  9, hair sex
  Refers to the hair is qualitative, such as wool and the density, thickness, hardness, elasticity, and design and color, bending, shape, etc.
  10, and points
  The same kind of hide, for origin, take skin season, beast age, hair sex different and divided into different road points, in order to batch production, reasonable use. Into the line separating road points work, called "branch".
  11, pancake
  All skin basically flat stretch. Pedal no beat, rough and uneven, crease, defects such as wrinkles.
  12, luster
  Refers to the fur fur is reflective shine.
  13, loose agile
  14, uneven thickness (uneven thickness)
  Skin of the adjacent parts or symmetrical part, its thickness difference significantly.

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