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Slaughter season and fur mature appraisal

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  Take skin time is according to the winter skin is mature and decide. Too early or too late take skin, fur quality will be affected. Mink, silver black fox and raccoon's take skin time in general l door late 1 to 12 months occurrence peak, colour sable and arctic fox earlier, when the young beast, the beast than adult production late some, health good early in the disease beast. Nutria and Macao rat state from November to march.
  In order to timely take hold take skin time, should be done before the slaughter
  Fur mature appraisal. At present, use more observation living wool characteristics and test strip observation skin color combination of methods, for fur mature appraisal.
  Fur mature symbol systemic summer hair pure, winter hair in qi, the guard hair upright, agile, choose the light, wool pile foot thick, tail hair look fleeciness bulky, when the animal body curved transfer, appear obvious a "crack", when the hair be blown open, can see pink or light blue skin. Try to peel the skin white, skin is easy to peel, scraper effort. Individual animal only in the hip and tail base border a little blue. Silver black fox between two ear hair white.
  (2) slaughtering method should be simple and quick death, polluting the hair be, do not affect
  Fur quality for the principle.
  1. Cervical broken method
  Mink fur animals such as small weasel, commonly used this method. Methods the animal is caught and put them in the strong smooth wooden cases, with his left hand on the first pin humeral back, then use the right hand and hold heart under which brought department, will head backward, turn right at the last head downward according to, and slightly pushed forward, when listening to fracture sound, namely cervical dislocation and lethal.
  Fox and raccoon bigger animals such as medication or place dead method or shock place dead method.
  2. Drug place dead method with chlorinated succinylcholine (company can forest) per kilogram of body weight 0.5 ~ 0.7 mg dose, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, animals in 3 ~ 5 minutes to death. Heart into the air lethal method (ten to twenty ml syringe) can use.
  3. Shock place dead method would connect 220 v burn (positive) shock unit metal insert animal the anus, to animal forepaw or kiss lips ground, switch on the power, about 5 ~ 10 seconds to death. Shock place dead method effect is good, but you should pay attention to the safety.

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