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System fur material leather quality inspection

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  System fur leather raw materials of various kinds,the plate shape,mass,and the use value is not the same,so,in testing the quality,there are different leopard requirements and methods.
  A,xiaomao fine leather
  Xiaomao fine leather strip shape most for tubular skin,a few for open piece of leather.Drum skin has two kinds:plate out after the file(or don't open rear bumper)drum skin and hair out after the file of the drum skin.
  (a)identification plate out drum skin quality identification method of the pile quality,mainly according to the wool to take off the change process,pedal show characteristics of dew,and in a small amount of the actual situation of external plush,plush to determine the length and density.This kind of skin easily found on the pedal various existing disability,can be directly according to the weight of the disabled,to judge the system the influence degree of the fur coat.And the hair in the drum skin wool in various defects in the inside of the skin tube,inspection is directly observed,this needs according to the disability in the pedal and part of the exposed wool characteristics reflect,to judge.Through the observation of the panel color variation,the strength of the light,listen to the voice of the pile friction and help to set the disability of the category,the character and degree.Such as the pedal local has become dark,water wet trace,show that the parts of the wool already by boring and fall off.
  (2)identification slitting skin quality methods according to the actual situation of plush rent pedal,and according to the requirements of the purchase specifications fur to identification.
  Appraisal wool quality,a shake,two,three,four see touch blow.
  1.Shake skin to fur on the(MaoChao,plate down),the right hand DE live after hip,left hand knead kiss nose,with the wrist and jitter hides,plush restore natural state.
  2.See observation hair length,density,luster,and presence of flow needle fly wool phenomenon,the length of the old guard hair,wool composition proportion,tail length and whether fleeciness,etc.
  3.Hand fingers stretched,with palm press the touch hair and feel the density of wool cloth.
  4.Mouth blow on hide a bit suspicious phenomenon appears,blow to open plush,check the pedal and fluffy degree of disability and vitality.
  Appraisal pedal quality,in addition to check the pedal thickness,elastic strength,but also to flip view panel color,oily size and fine tough degree.
  Board quality good xiaomao fine leather,should achieve panel meticulous,thickness uniformity,oil,is white or light color.Poor quality pedal,is weak thin thin or thick hard,uneven thickness,the pan is rough,no oil,the dark.
  Xiaomao fine leather piece of picture is small,the presence of disability to system fur value influence is bigger,so in appraisal quality,to disable the type,area,nature,existing parts etc,have strict requirements.
  To disable processing general principles are:(1)in the purchase specification allows within the scope of the mechanical damage for wide,the soft strict injury.(2)for distribution in minor parts of the disability requirements wide,for distribution in the main parts of the strict disability.(3)on disability requirements wide,to disperse disability strict.
  (3)area computation method according to the fur acquisition ship as stipulated in the case of the plate quality weak for late spring and early fall skin skin.Pedal thicker hard,a purple red or blue,elasticity is poor.Board quality dealing for summer skin or body condition difference two sick animal hides,pedal is weak,the toughness is poor,little fat content.
  Second,the heavy hair fine leather
  According to hide production season,plush and pedal quality determine the level.
  (a)on the wool quality requirements of the test piece fine leather wool quality,basically is fullness plush,plush slightly weaknesses or slightly short thin,plush weaknesses or short thin three levels to show.
  (2)the pedal quality requirements mainly according to hide production season,type and the origin of animal's health factors to identify.Board quality is for winter skin and early spring skin.Pedal thin,pliable and fine and smooth,elastic strong,rich in oil,panel is white.
  Board quality weak for late spring and early fall skin skin.Pedal thicker hard,a purple red or blue,elasticity is poor.
  Board quality dealing for summer skin or body condition difference,sick animal hides.Pedal is weak,the toughness is poor,little fat content.
  (3)the disable processing principle and xiaomao fine skin the same.
  (4)area calculation method hides length,most of the heavy hair fine skin is measure ear to end the root of the linear distance.From the waist appropriate site measure the width.Long by wide that find out hides area.
  Three,wild animals mixed leather
  Wild animals mixed skin into head,legs,and tail is complete,the skin form complete,cleanse grease open splitting buffalo animal mixed skin use its natural speckle and colour and lustre is made of high-grade fur coat or make decorative leather,display skin,etc.So,appraisal quality,according to the purposes to speckle clear degree and brilliant plumage degree as the key point,combined with disability,area,a surface to measure,according to the national standard,comprehensive grading.
  Identification Yao yellow skin,the wool is given priority to,plate quality is complementary,combined with the degree of disability faults and area size,the comprehensive measure,comprehensive grading.
  Jiujiang raccoon dog because skin guard hair is too thick,system fur more will guard hair pulled out,only to make a copy printed,after dyeing production fur collar,hat,etc.;Pulled out of the guard hair good elasticity,peak peak,is making brush materials.
  Badger skin when use in guard hair is given priority to,an ounce of prevention is worth a nap,so measure child skin quality,should be to guard hair long and close,the hair shaft firm,white day obvious,good color and luster,maojian tea don't bend and pointed,winter skin for top grade.
  Four,livestock system fur
  The market of common sheep leather,goat wool skin,dog velvet skin,house cat skin to wait for a few kinds.The livestock system fur quality essentials and methods,and identification of other system fur basic same,but each has inspection characteristics.
  (a)sheep skin sheep skin is a kind of major raw materials in clean skin.In the identification of its quality,should with wool quality is given priority to,to pedal quality,combined with an ounce of prevention is worth a disability weight and size,to determine its quality.
  Different kinds of jin skin,not only quality characteristic difference is very big,and its main use is not the same.So in the sheep skin quality appraisal,first of all we should distinguish the type.Sheep skin can be divided into improved sheepskin,hybrid sheep skin,this kind of sheep skin three categories.Hybridization and this kind of sheep class major difference in the flower on the bending.
  Identification of pile quality,mainly check the hair length,density,color,etc.The number of GaiLiangYang turtle skin,check MaoCong form,MAO was thickness is uniform,bending shape and.Check the color of the wool,mainly to see if pure white.Epilepsy to pedal slightly thin,piao thickness uniformity,panel delicate,oily,elastic good winter skin and skin fat,oil,panel careful,elastic strong autumn skin as well.
  Sheep skin four sunny place almost glabrous,no system in value.Therefore,in the measurement and calculation all skin area,shall be deducted the sunny part area.First from the middle to the end GenLiang out length,from the waist position among the appropriate amount of deduction of half the length of the huan for all skin width,and then multiplied by the length,and the full skin area.
  (2)the dog wool skin main observation of wool rich degree,also want to pay attention to production season,variety and beast age.The beast age with 2~3 age advisable,hair color to the pure blue,yellow,white as well,like black,gray for times.
  (3)goat wool skin appraisal cashmere cortex most,to distinguish velvet chong and slab.Goat wool feather was run close and long,down her foot,city hair length is about more than 2/5 of the guard hair long.Raw goat skin guard hair is short,the thin skin,not season only for leather use.
  (4)house cat skin like cat skin quality appraisal methods and appraisal other system fur basic same,in order to guard hair level dense,colour and lustre is smooth,bottom velvet fullness and agile,plate quality good is preferred.To guard hair boring messy,the sticky mess,pedal weak for times.
  (5)of rabbit skin used to make more warm light clothing,mainly wool quality stand or fall is given priority to,wool rich,smooth,agile,luster for good.Combined with disability weight,plate quality stand or fall,the area size,determine its advantages and disadvantages.
  Five,foetal hair skin
  Never changed lanugo part of livestock on the skin of young production,collectively referred to as foetal hair skin.Foetal hair skin down little or no nap,guard hair is short,take different shapes of the bend,good gloss,MAO was surface take natural obvious pattern or flower bending,flowers are to blame.
  (a)sheep lamb appraisal sheep lamb skin quality,first of all is according to the length of the hair,make sure the lamb skin type,and then according to the hair be weight,density,pattern or flower curved shape and clear degree and distribution area,make sure the quality of the fur is.Combined with disability weight,the quality of the pedal,the area size to determine quality quality.Kid's coat shall not be diluted or too tight.Pedal to hypertrophy,panel careful,oily,elastic for good;To pedal dry thin thin,panel rough,oily poor,display fetal soft or stiff crisp for times.
  (2)modified lamb appraisal improved lamb to ZhenZhuHua quantity and clear,steamed roll strong,uniform distribution and the quality of the large area as well.To ZhenZhuHua number rat less and vague,distribution and uneven,hair is too long or too short,with big with floating hair quality for times.
  (3)the beach two fur and beach lamb Tibet lamb in accordance with the lamb lamb months back kernel is length,density,flower shape and conditions,can be divided into flat two fur and beach lamb.
  The lambs about 30 days after birth and peel off the skin called beach lamb skin,hair is a fine soft jade white,wool length is less than 6.6 cm,with five or so flower bending,zhang picture smaller.A lamb was born about 45 days after slaughter stripped down skin that beach two fur,wool is jade white,hair grow up to 6.6 cm,have been ribbon flower bending,flower ear(maoist definitely)clear,a larger picture.
  Appraisal quality plate,fur is to test quality,plate quality,disable weight and size grading conditions,MAO was in fine quality soft,uniform,the color is white jade,flower ear clear,bend more uniform,flower ear top twist arms closely,flower ear and agile,velvet root clear not adhesion for good.
  Beach two fur and beach lamb unique beautiful at home and abroad,fur market is very popular.With 5~6 a kid but make it 80 centimeters long leather coat,the weight is only about 1.5 kg.
  (4)small lake lake sheepskin leather appraisal quality is good or bad,depending on the length of the coat,decorative pattern shape,clear degree and color,etc.
  With wool was even thickness,density is moderate,colour and lustre is white and smooth,with good mercerizing,good elasticity,has the natural water wave pattern,decorative pattern is clear,the robot and do not come loose,decorative pattern width is 0.5~1.24 cm,pedal BoRen,panel meticulous,have oily,zhang picture is bigger,shape is consistent,processing clean skin for top grade.
  (5)the lamb appraisal the lamb skin quality main inspection hair roll how many,type,distribution area is uniform and color,etc.
  (6)kid fruit skin kid child skin from a kid BaoQu down on the skin.At present our country production kid fruit skin mainly include:jining green kid fruit skin,west road black kid fruit skin,miscellaneous road kid fruit skin,central defender kid fruit skin and white kid skin,etc.
  1.Jining green kid child skin is green lamb 1~3 days after birth and peel off the skin.According to the quality of the fur is color,decorative pattern,luster,disability and area comprehensive test inspection.
  Jining green hunting fruit skin hair in is blue,wool length 1.4~1.5 cm,density is moderate,decorative pattern clear for good,as for the disabled,in addition to other foetal hair skin basic phase of the church,there it is some special disability:
  (1)flower waist:in the waist appear block vision of the color hair.
  (2)white shark fin:in green tangerine peel,there are many white hair,long hair floats on the surface of making the hair above is not level,the luster is poor.
  2.West road black kid fruit skin appraisal west road black kid fruit skin quality,and the length of the fur is,color,luster,decorative pattern shape and distribution area as the focal point.With wool 1.3 cm long for moderate,plug pattern,points ridge obvious and clear,tight choosing heroine,decorative pattern in tight,distribution area is big,quantity,the ridge bilateral symmetry,hair color is dark black for top grade.
  3.Central defender kid fruit skin defender kid fruit skin quality appraisal,gross is length,seven pay bending shape,quantity,distribution area and the degree of uniformity,color,luster,etc as the main conditions.To blame MAO(flower ear)bending more uniform and unified,tip department closed,shape rules,tight clear for good,the rest with other kid fruit skin basic same.
  4.Miscellaneous road kid son skin to hair is quite fine,patterns,wool length is less than 3.3 cm for good,appraisal method and the main point and other kid son the same skin.

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