E-commerce helps Haining leather enterprises solve the problem of overcapacity

"Business is not good, there are few big orders, and the leather industry as a whole tends to weaken." Boss Gu of a leather enterprise in Haining complained to the reporter. Like Boss Gu, some leather enterprises in Haining are suffering from overcapacity. How to solve this problem?
A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce that Zhejiang's first round of e-commerce service resources was held in Haining. The event was hosted by the Provincial Department of Commerce and organized by Haining Municipal People's Government, the Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Center, the Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Association, etc. It was strongly supported by Alibaba, JD and other well-known third-party e-commerce platforms. At the meeting, 150 traditional enterprises in Haining accurately connected 33 third-party e-commerce platforms and service enterprises in various fields.
Huang Yafeng, a 30-year-old Haining leather e-commerce company, has gained a lot in this docking meeting. "The docking meeting has improved the efficiency and made our docking more smooth." Huang Yafeng told reporters that he was going to open two stores on "Jingdong".
According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Commerce, in the future, a comprehensive and professional e-commerce resource integration and docking platform with rich content, diverse forms and remarkable results will be built. At the same time, we will gradually explore cooperation with third-party e-commerce platforms to carry out professional matchmaking meetings aimed at specific industrial clusters or professional markets, and export matchmaking brands and resources to other provinces in due time. Next, there may be another 20 or 30 rounds of e-commerce service resource round-trip meetings.
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