Winners of "2015 International Federation of Leather Craftsmen and Chemists Association Excellence Award" announced

  The Executive Committee of the International Federation of Leather Craftsmen and Chemists Association recently announced that Professor Shi Bi,a world famous leather scientist,has won the highest honor award in the international leather science and technology industry-the"2015 IULTCS Merit Award for Excellence".Professor Shi Bi received a doctor's degree from Sichuan University,and studied and conducted cooperative research in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Field and Nene College in the United Kingdom.He is currently the director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Clean Tanning Technology of Sichuan University and an academician of the CAE Member.

  According to statistics,Shi Bi has published 427 papers or co published 5 books,and his research team has 35 patents.He not only made outstanding contributions in the leather academic field,but also was active in various leather organizations.He was the last president of IULTCS,made contributions to the success of many international academic conferences,and was also a highly respected keynote speaker at these conferences.

  Dr.Patricia Casey,President of the International Federation of Leather Craftsmen and Chemists'Associations,said:"I hope that leather science and technology workers all over the world can actively participate in the 33rd International Federation of Leather Craftsmen and Chemists'Associations Conference held in Brazil in November this year,at which Professor Shi Bi will be awarded"Outstanding Contribution Award".The research work he has completed and is carrying out is undoubtedly of great significance for us to deeply understand leather and reduce environmental pollution during leather production.The global leather industry obviously benefits from the work he and his research team at Sichuan University,and their contributions should be recognized by everyone."

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