Fur mattress making process

  We are not unfamiliar with the fur mats we often come into contact with,that is,the common types of fur,rabbit skin,fox skin or mink skin.Generally,more durable and abundant fur materials are formed according to the material processing.Many friends do not know how the rabbit skin plate is produced at the price of Ouang.Therefore,from these aspects,in order to better realize the maximum production value of fur mattress and rabbit skin,more help should be sought from the specific use links and processing methods.Specifically:

  1.Foundation material preparation

  To process all kinds of comprehensive fur mattress,or high-quality rabbit type mattress products,the first thing is to prepare properly according to the basic materials.Generally,you need to prepare fur mattress or other common leather mattress products comprehensively.If necessary,you can mix some common mink skin,rabbit skin,fox skin and other furs together,which also helps to improve the greater use characteristics of the entire fur mattress.In a word,large production and processing centers will carefully divide the entire fur mattress according to the specific usage.

  2.Perform split cleaning

  The next step is to segment the rabbit skin.Some products with high quality surface,long hair and extensive durability have greater use characteristics.To become the most popular product,thanks to the permeability and good processing characteristics of rabbit skin materials,it will also achieve the maximum use value of this product.In other aspects,when self-cleaning rabbit skin or fur products from other aspects(click to focus on how to clean fur products),a complete set of good usage habits will be formed for the basic steps and operation methods,More information related to this and the use of materials,including many information related to leather production,tanning,mixed processing,etc.,and more long-term cooperation with you.

  3.Air drying to final processing

  The last step,which is also the final use of the whole fur mattress,is to clean the whole set of fur thoroughly,sort it comprehensively,and gradually become the most suitable product for everyone to use.At the same time,it should also be noted that the rabbit skin mattress cannot be directly exposed to the sun,so as not to affect the use characteristics of the whole fur.Fur mattress,rabbit skin mattress,etc.should eventually become durable products with strong ventilation and stability.I believe that this mattress will eventually become the most popular product with more extensive use characteristics.

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