Internet+manufacturing market presents six characteristics

  Since the first half of 2015,the national and local governments have stepped up efforts to promote intelligent manufacturing in terms of policies,measures,major projects,etc.,to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the manufacturing industry.Looking forward to the second half of 2015,the development path of intelligent manufacturing will be gradually clear,mergers and acquisitions will accelerate the process of manufacturing Internet,and accelerate the implementation of intelligent manufacturing in China.

  "Internet plus manufacturing industry"is booming,and the market presents six characteristics

  First,intelligent manufacturing has become the main direction of building a manufacturing power.

  In the first half of the year,national policies strongly supported intelligent manufacturing.On May 19,the State Council issued"Made in China 2025",which clarified that intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of building a manufacturing power.It proposed to focus on the development of intelligent equipment and intelligent products,promote the intellectualization of production process,cultivate new production methods,comprehensively improve the intelligent level of enterprise research and development,production,management and service,and deploy and implement major projects of intelligent manufacturing.On March 9,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Carrying out the Special Action of Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration in 2015,which implemented pilot demonstration in six aspects,including process manufacturing,discrete manufacturing and intelligent equipment,to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and accelerate the process of building a manufacturing power.On March 31,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Continuing the Pilot Work of Internet and Industrial Integration and Innovation,proposing to continue to carry out pilot demonstration work in the field of Internet and industrial integration and innovation,cultivate Internet innovation models,and provide important support for promoting Internet and industrial integration and innovation.At the same time,supporting measures for intelligent manufacturing have been introduced intensively.Tianjin,Yunnan,Qingdao and other provinces and cities have formulated pilot demonstration implementation plans for intelligent manufacturing.

  Second,"Internet plus manufacturing"is highly popular.

  At present,the pace of integration and innovation between the Internet and all walks of life is accelerating.The chemical reaction and amplification effect it produces constantly change the mode of R&D design,manufacturing and marketing services,becoming a new engine for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.Auto,home appliances,consumer goods and other industries are accelerating to embrace the Internet,and crowdsourcing and public design research and development models,mass customization and other innovative application models of"Internet plus"and manufacturing integration are emerging.On March 12,SAIC Motor Group and Alibaba signed an Internet automobile strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly build SAIC Ali Internet automobile product design and creativity crowdsourcing platform,and promote the online gathering of Internet automobile personalized design and creativity.On May 16,Qingdao Haier Group,relying on highly interconnected intelligent factories such as production lines,machines,products and workers,launched an intelligent washing machine production model that can customize colors,materials,functions and other elements on demand,including fabric color intelligent recognition,body sensing and automatic lid opening.On June 10,Aokang International,a leading enterprise in the domestic footwear industry,cooperated with Lanting Jishi,an e-commerce company.Relying on each other's online sales resources covering more than 200 countries,it integrated and optimized online and offline resources,expanded the sales channels of footwear products,and accelerated the transformation of traditional marketing service models.

  Third,a number of typical cross-border e-commerce applications have emerged.

  Manufacturing enterprises have applied cross-border e-commerce to undertake overseas orders,expand exports,build their own brands and improve their sales and service capabilities.Shenyang equipment manufacturing enterprises use the largest cross-border e-commerce platform in China,,to publish product information and negotiate business online,enjoy integrated customs declaration services such as customs clearance and tax refund,and comprehensive value-added services such as supply chain finance and tax refund finance,so as to realize the transformation and upgrading of the external value chain of equipment manufacturing products.Relying on highly interconnected intelligent factories such as production lines,machines,products and workers,Guangdong Easter Power Co.,Ltd.cooperates with Mercantile,a well-known B2B e-commerce platform in Latin America,to open up new cross-border e-commerce trade channels for overseas enterprise customers,with a view to expanding the business of power and new energy products in Chile,Mexico and other Latin American countries.

  Fourth,the cloud based ecosystem has taken initial shape.

  Cloud based ecosystem with cloud design,cloud production,cloud management,cloud testing,cloud analysis,cloud services as the core has been accelerated.In terms of public integrated cloud based service platform,Foshan furniture industry officially launched a cloud manufacturing public service platform.The platform uses cloud computing,big data and other new generation information technologies to deeply integrate and configure online and offline resources,and build a cloud collaboration system for internal and external production,design,sales,logistics and other links of upstream and downstream enterprises in the household industry chain.At present,more than 130 leading enterprises have settled in the platform and led more than 20000 enterprises to gather.Based on rich manufacturing resources and capability cloud pool,Aerospace Science and Industry Group has launched a comprehensive service platform-Aerospace Cloud Network,which integrates industrial Internet platform,open entrepreneurship platform and productive service industry platform.Dongguan cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build an intelligent manufacturing cloud service platform,and uses the Internet,cloud computing and other new generation information technologies to promote the open sharing of manufacturing resources such as R&D design,data management and engineering services.In terms of professional segmentation cloud based service platform,the first industrial SaaS cloud in China-Beijing"cloud chain"industrial SaaS cloud platform was officially launched.Sany Heavy Industry Group has actively built an Internet online diagnosis cloud platform to monitor the operation status of construction machinery in real time and remotely,deeply mining the big data of equipment operation,and timely and effectively arranging equipment inspection and maintenance.Yuanda Group continuously scans the air conditioning products round the clock throughout the year,gathers user data into the product cloud detection pool,models and analyzes the collected data,obtains the operation status of the unit and forecasts the future trend.

  Fifth,the O2O business model has become the highlight of the application.

  Multi industry accelerated O2O layout.A large number of manufacturing enterprises integrated online and offline resources through O2O,innovated business models,and explored new production methods such as personalized customization and on-demand manufacturing.In the home decoration industry,Shangpin Home Furnishing actively creates an O2O closed-loop ecology of the furniture industry with online booking and offline design experience as the core.Consumers can book designers online free of charge through Shangpin Homestead Distribution Xinju.Designers can draw furniture design and decoration sketches according to consumers'needs after offline door-to-door measurement.After both parties'offline physical stores interacted and discussed and modified to form the final plan drawing,it was handed over to the factory for customized production,and was distributed and installed by Shangpin Homestead.In the household appliance industry,Qingdao Haier has proposed the O2O Maker model of"enterprise platform,employee Maker,and user personalization",which breaks up the organizational structure of the enterprise into a quantized platform,forming an open and integrated platform community.Each employee interacts with users online and meets their needs,creates small and micro makers offline,incubates innovative ideas and products,and provides users with customized products and services.In the robot manufacturing industry,Xinshida Robotics builds an O2O robot sales platform that provides end users with products,system integration and service resources,and builds a customer centered service system that integrates decision-making,procurement and extended services with offline experience and online ordering.

  Sixth,financial crowdfunding promotes mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the manufacturing industry.

  In the first half of the year,the financial crowdfunding business model,with its characteristics of inclusive finance and direct connection with consumers,built an entrepreneurial and innovative incubation ecological environment for manufacturing enterprises that integrates product R&D,capital acquisition and value mining in parallel.Through two-way interaction with potential users on the financial crowdfunding platform,entrepreneurs can timely adjust product design with user feedback to improve the market matching rate.With its platform positioning of low financing threshold,flexible financing methods and rapid iterative innovation,financial crowdfunding promotes small and medium-sized entrepreneurial enterprises to rapidly accumulate entrepreneurial capital in a low-cost and efficient way.The financial crowdfunding platform has increasingly become an incubator for entrepreneurship and innovation projects,driving mass entrepreneurship and innovation.At present,Taobao has launched more than 1300 projects with more than 2 million participants and a cumulative crowdfunding amount of more than 300 million yuan.Among them,there are 44 million level projects and 4 ten million level projects.The maximum amount of crowdfunding for a single project exceeds 21 million yuan.The amount of crowdfunding for science and technology projects dominated by intelligent software and hardware accounted for 90%of all projects.

  Three major problems are highlighted,and the traditional model hinders development

  First of all,the standard and specification system of intelligent manufacturing is not perfect.

  The imperfect standard and specification system of intelligent manufacturing in China is mainly reflected in two aspects.First,there is a lack of top-level reference framework for intelligent manufacturing.China has not yet established a complete top-level reference framework for intelligent manufacturing,and the hierarchical logical progressive relationship of the intelligent manufacturing framework is still unclear.At present,the German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association has released the reference architecture of Industry 4.0(RAMI4.0)and defined the components of Industry 4.0,laying the foundation for enterprises to develop intelligent products and business models in the future.At the same time,the American Industrial Internet Alliance,led by ATT,Cisco,General Motors,IBM,Intel and other companies,constructs the industrial Internet reference frame from seven aspects:physical systems,sensors and actuators,device management,data management,analysis services,applications and integration,and commercial systems.Second,the key technical standards of intelligent manufacturing are not uniform.The specific development path of the Internet of Things,intelligent equipment and robots,big data,cloud computing,software and other key technologies related to intelligent manufacturing is not clear enough,and the corresponding standards and specifications have not been unified,resulting in poor compatibility between products of different manufacturers and high integration difficulty.

  Secondly,the industrial Internet architecture needs to be cracked.

  Industrial Internet is a centralized network of heterogeneous networks that realize the interconnection of equipment,products,people,etc.It is a network of networks.Heterogeneous networks in the industrial Internet not only include RFID,Bluetooth,Zigbee,WiFi,cellular network and other wireless communication networks that are suitable for different communication distances and have different communication protocols,but also include the Internet based on TCP/IP protocol and private protocol LAN and other wired networks.There are great differences between different heterogeneous networks in terms of network architecture,reference framework,data structure,response mechanism,addressing mode and other communication protocol contents.If the integration problem between heterogeneous networks cannot be solved,the interaction,storage and mining of industrial big data will be limited,and the value-added services of the whole product life cycle will also be affected.Therefore,it is necessary to define the transfer mechanism of gateway between heterogeneous networks and establish a unified industrial Internet architecture that can integrate different heterogeneous networks.

  Finally,the traditional industry management model is not compatible with the new model of"Internet plus manufacturing".

  The system mechanism and management model in the industrial era are not compatible with the new model of"Internet plus manufacturing",which is mainly reflected in three aspects.First,the traditional relations of production do not adapt to the emerging relations of production.The vigorous development of new things will certainly impact the existing rules.The country has not responded adequately to the innovative development trend of"Internet plus manufacturing",and lacks long-term strategic thinking and effective management mode.The current manufacturing policy is still the inheritance of the old industrialization idea,which may hinder the development of"Internet plus manufacturing"in terms of regulatory standards,administrative approval,etc.The second is the inadaptability of the industry management system of accelerating cross-border integration and fragmentation of industries."Internet plus manufacturing"is not just a matter for the industry and information sector,but a big article of highly coordinated and overall planning of all government departments.At present,the government informatization promotion department is still in a subordinate position in the whole government system at the level of technology and tools,lacking the ability to command the overall situation across departments and industries,which will lead to the formation of information islands among relevant departments,and it is difficult to adapt to the trend of industrial upheaval brought by"Internet plus manufacturing".Third,the growing demand for basic information resource sharing and business collaboration and the regulatory approach are not suitable.The high degree of collaboration between the upstream and downstream links of the manufacturing industry chain puts forward higher requirements for the establishment,opening and sharing of basic information resources such as enterprise credit information database,industry database and corporate database.At present,China has not yet established a business collaboration guarantee mechanism and supervision mode that can deal with the sharing of basic information resources in the industry,which seriously restricts the open sharing of information resources in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.


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