Gu Chensheng, Deputy Inspector of Guangzhou Customs, and his delegation visited the company for investigation

  On the morning of November 24,Gu Chensheng,a first level tariff expert of the General Administration of Customs and a deputy inspector of Guangzhou Customs Classification Center,accompanied by Chen Li,the deputy director of Integrated Business Division 1 of Yinchuan Customs,visited our company for investigation.Ma Litao,the general manager of the company,introduced the company's products,production processes and problems in the export of the company's products to the leaders who came to visit and investigate in detail.

  The investigation mainly focused on the problems of customs code of the company's main export products,tan sheepskin mattress and leather shape at the time of export customs declaration,that is,tan sheepskin mattress and leather shape are tan sheepskin articles with certain specifications(international standards)after being tanned,dyed,designed,cut and sewn,which can be directly used as carpet,sofa towel,cushion,etc,Whether the customs declaration is carried out according to the customs code(HSCODE)[4302309090](classified products mainly refer to fur articles)or according to the customs code(HSCODE)[43039000.9](classified products mainly refer to other tanned and sewn whole furs and pieces).During the discussion,Gu Chensheng,the deputy inspector of the Classification Center of the Central Guangzhou Customs,said:"Tan sheepskin is the characteristic of Ningxia.As a product with Ningxia characteristics,we should encourage its products to go out and support enterprises to expand foreign markets to the maximum extent.He will timely feed back the research and enterprise demands to the General Administration of Customs of China,so as to reasonably classify the Tan sheepskin mattress and leather shape,and implement the corresponding customs code.".


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