State Administration for Industry and Commerce visited Ningxia Fur Association for investigation and guidance

  In the afternoon of July 22,a delegation led by Lin Junqiang,Deputy Director of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce,and Li Gang,Director of the Landmark Division,accompanied by Yun Zhong,Deputy Director of the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the Autonomous Region,Liu Min,Deputy Mayor of Wuzhong City,and Yin Xungang,Deputy Director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Wuzhong City,visited Ningxia Fur and Leather Association for research and guidance.

  Deputy Director Lin Junqiang and his delegation first visited Ningxia Wuzhong Jingyi Fur Products Co.,Ltd.,the president unit of Ningxia Fur and Leather Association,to understand the historical origin and production and operation of Ningxia Tanshan sheepskin,and listened to Ma Litao,the general manager of Ningxia Wuzhong Jingyi Fur Products Co.,Ltd.,who introduced"Jingyi Fur"Tanshan sheepskin products and the company's operation in recent years.Deputy Director Lin Junqiang encouraged enterprises to overcome difficulties,plan scientifically,and scale up gradually;We should organically combine Tan sheep breeding industry with Ningxia Tan sheep skin industry,give play to traditional advantages,expand market influence,and strive to register this traditional brand as a geographical indication certification trademark as soon as possible.

  Later,Deputy Director Lin Junqiang and his delegation had a discussion with the representatives of the member units of Ningxia Fur and Leather Association.Ma Shaohu,the president of Ningxia Fur and Leather Association,reported to the leaders at the meeting on the work carried out since the establishment of the Association.Deputy Director Lin Junqiang said that the promotion of trademark strategy not only strengthened the traditional agricultural and sideline product brands,expanded the Ningxia beach sheepskin industry,but also revitalized the local cultural industry.Next,we should effectively play the role of trademarks in driving the industry,enriching the farmers and promoting the economic development of one side.He pointed out that under the current background of economic globalization and market integration,trademark brand strategy is an important means for enterprises to survive and develop in the fierce market competition,and it is the responsibility of the industrial and commercial departments to guide the implementation of trademark strategy;We should vigorously develop the cultivation of collective trademarks and certification trademarks of geographical indications.Based on reality,we should select some large-scale enterprises with development potential,cultivate and identify them,help enterprises become bigger and stronger,and promote the sound and rapid development of local economy.

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