Ningxia Entrepreneur Association Goes into "Fine Fur"

On August 26, the "Fourteenth Exchange of Directors" activity of Ningxia Entrepreneur Association entered the "Fine Fur" for exchange and learning. Ma Litao, the general manager of the company, warmly received and accompanied him.
Accompanied by President Ma, the representatives of entrepreneurs visited our corporate culture exhibition hall, "Fine Arts Experience" exhibition hall, production workshop, and product exhibition center, and held discussions with the company's main leaders.
During the discussion, representatives of entrepreneurs spoke highly of the company's modern management, excellent corporate culture and excellent product quality. At the same time, they believed that by making use of the good platform provided by the exchange visits, the understanding between enterprises has been deepened, which can better promote more exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and jointly promote the development of enterprises.

Fourteenth Exchange of Directors,Fine Fur" for exchange and learning

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